You have all probably seen a few beer bikes along Andrássy road, with some nice people singing and drinking beer.
We are aiming to do the same.
In this event the, Germans and the Britts have to unite and show the wine drinking French and Italians and the Sangria drinking Spanish, (plus people from other countries) how to truly drink beer.

We are capped to a maximum of 16 people, so sign up early.


There is a deposit of 1000 huf to be paid to one of the IBS mentors, till the 5th of October. 
ESN IBS students have priority.

P.S. This was one of our favourite events of last semester.

08/10/2016 - 18:30
Meeting Point: 
Right side of Heroes square
4000 huf (3500 huf with ESN card)
Contact details: 
If any questions contact Balint Pokoly on Facebook.