Hey guys! This Saturday we're organizing one of the most favourite events of students - PUB CRAAAWL! This means that you'll have a lot of fun exploring Budapest's nightlife, drinking, playing games and checking whether you can surivive this night!
These are our stops:
1. Puder Barszinhaz
2. Csendes Vintage Bar & Café
3. Köleves Kert
4. Ellato Kert & Taqueria 
5. Gozsdu Udvar
Prepare yourself for a great night ;)

22/10/2016 - 20:00
Púder Bárszínház és Galéria -->Csendes Vintage Bar & Café-->Köleves Kert-->Ellato Kert & Taqueria-->Gozsdu Udvar
Meeting Point: 
Púder Bárszínház és Galéria
Contact details: 
If you have any questions contact us on facebook or via email: Shereen Moussa - [email protected] La Sheika Campbell - [email protected] Ayan Mirzayeva - [email protected]
  • Everyone is invited.